Dress form

Dress forms are an essential tool for producing custom fitted garments. Attractive female display dress form is made from foam and covered in durable jersey material. Form comes complete with adjustable base and neck block. A dress form is

Invisiable mannequin ,ghost model

The Ghost mannequin - the photographer's favorite Ghost mannequin is my company's latest successful development of a magic mannequin, it is a favorite of the photographer, The best way to show your beautiful clothes.

We are a professional mannequin factory

We are a professional mannequin factory. Although we are a younger company than some rivals in this field, we have grown strong in short several years. Our company is becoming a successful leading manufacturer focusing on design, skilled workforce and hig

Ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequins are designed for quick and easy photo shoot in your online store. The very high figures have refined surfaces, rotating and mobile stand plates with mounting device for the character. AFELLOW has developed a complete series,

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